Our Journey So Far

It is strange how I thought I had forgotten the details of our journey but now when I sit to write about it, well I goddam remember every detail of it. So, here goes:

  • 2007: Met my future husband, were friends in the beginning but really enjoyed each other's company so officially started seeing each other to take our relationship to the next level (hmm, in India we don't really date-date and as in most cases, no one really proposes, marriage is sort of always there on their mind when they are dating else they wouldn't date at all! This is my understanding though may not be really true for everyone)
  • 2008: Got married! Decided to wait atleast a year or two before we even THINK KIDS!!
  • 2008-2009: Bought our new house (getting ready to settle down and start a family)
  • March 2010: Decided to start planning this year. I was so hopeful that I was planning to surprise my in-laws with their wedding anniversary (which falls in May) gift as the "good news" Yeah right!!
  • April 2010: Went for a pre TTC consultation with a gynec, discovered have mild PCOS but nothing to worry since my period is very regular.
  • September 2010: Nothing yet, started getting worried, I positively ovulate every cycle, my cycle is like clockwork and yet we have nothing to show..are we missing something here??
  • October 2010: Consulted a gynec to inform about our unsuccessful TTC. She assured us that it may take upto a year sometimes, however asked us to get an SA done to get that out of the way. Also asked me to get my Day 3 and Day 5 FSH, Progestrone and AMH levels.
  • October 2010: SA results are not very good! Low on count and motility. Looks like we have finally nailed got something to blame. My AMH results were also low indicating a premature menopause. However we lived in denial for a couple of more months,  still trying to produce our miracle on our own. 
  • January 2011: Decided on taking the journey to the next step, accepting facts and discussing what next? I looked up a couple of REs in Mumbai. Finalized Dr M and F and decided to consult them in February to begin the cycle in March.
  • February 2011: Visited Mumbai for the consultation, met Dr F and was really impressed with her warmth and assurance that my AMH levels were fine. In fact they were higher than usual indicating I did have a very tight PCOS. I was so glad I decided to visit her ( I think I still am). We decided we'll start the IVF next month for the March-April cycle. Got all the required IVF meds with us while returning from Mumbai.
  • March 2011: Begin administering Lupron for our first IVF. CD 8 results showed that I was responding slow. The RE in mumbai asked me to come down to her clinic in Mumbai so that she can personally confirm what she was seeing. Traveled alone as it was absolutely unnecessary for DH to travel along. Took a 2 hr flight, met the doctor and confirmed that we will have to cancel the cycle as I "over-suppressed". Bummed, yet happy that it was stopped before it went the stage of retrieval. I am sure over-suppression would've led to poor quality eggs and ultimately the cycle would have been canceled. So, either ways I was reassured that we have chosen a good RE. 
  • April 2011: First IVF cycle. Total number of eggs retrieved 22, of which 15 were mature and 8 were finally fertilized with ICSI (we had very little chance with normal IVF). 
  • April 2011:-ET: We decided to transfer 4 embryos, all grade A+ on day 3. (As a side-note, in India transferring 4 embryos is pretty normal as there is no strict guideline on how many embryos to transfer. so the doctors here generally consider 4 to be a good number, neither too high nor too low). 2 Grade A and 2 Grade B embryos were frozen.
  • May 2011: BFN!! Beta was 7 at 12DPT.
  • June 2011: Coming to terms with what just happened. We were really hopefully, it'll work for us (who isn't??). Meanwhile a lot of our friends were new moms and dads who couldn't stop gushing over their kids! That was an awful time.
  • July 2011: Visited Mumbai again for consultation with the RE on the FET. Requested them to try and keep the cycle as natural as possible. Minimal drugs is what she promised us. Decided to do the FET in October as the clinic will be under renovation and closed till September 2011.
  • August 2011: My parents visited us, was a welcome change from our otherwise routine life. The month just went by!
  • September 2011: Started preparing for the FET in October, first steps, check sugar levels. GTT results are in: fasting sugar is at 108 mg/dl. Doctor suggests Metfomin twice a day to lower fasting sugar. Vitamin D3 deficiency also discovered. Started Arachitol O injections and Arachitol o tablets to improve Vitamin D3.
  • September 23rd 2011: Recheck fasting sugar, still at 104 mg/dl. Start insulin and repeat test. Vitamin D3 also at a low of 18 mg. It should ideally be 30 : ((. 
  • October 7th 2011.: Fasting sugar at 93 mg/dl. RE suggests to bring it down below 90 mg/dl. Work with a diabetologist. 
  • October 12th 2011: AF arrives, surprisingly a good 10 days before time. October cycle bummed!! We will now have to shift the FETto 2nd week of november. 

  • Currently I have started taking 2000 mg of Metfomin everyday and stopped insulin as suggested by my diabetologist. This has helped to keep my fasting sugar levels below 90 mg/dl. I am now waiting to being the medication for November cycle.

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