Tuesday, 1 November 2011

We Are Doing Good!!

So, we got my sugar and vitamin D3 results. Guess what?? My vitamin D3 has jumped to a huge 42.8 ng/ml (from a mere 15 ng/ml)  That is huge for me!!! I was stunned to see the results since I never expected it to go beyond 20 forget making it to the 30 mark. So that was awesome! 

My Fasting blood sugar also came down to 82 mg/dl, my RE required it to be below 90 mg/dl before we go into the cycle. So that was great news as well!

So far things are looking pretty good. I think I'm beginning to develop a certain superstition that the clinic where I got my blood work done is lucky for me and my husband. We checked his sugar and cholesterol levels which were quiet high in September. His sugar is still a little off but the cholesterol has come down significantly which felt really nice.

I am expecting my period on the 5th or the 6th rather than the 7th as suggested by the RE. I am already having some PMS symptoms including nausea which is new for me. I think my estrogen and progesterone supplements are causing it. I was quiet sick on Monday, didn't eat much since I was throwing up pretty much any thing that I ate. It has come down considerably now but I am a little cramped. So well I think I should be getting my period early.

We just have a week or so left for making our trip to Mumbai. We are really excited! More because it will give us some time off and another shot at conceiving our baby. So let's see how it goes!

We have backup plans though, just in case this cycle doesn't work, we may plan to move closer to Mumbai. It is going to be a huge decision for us, but we hope in the end it will all work out for us. 

P.S I am trying to get my blog listed on the Stirrup Queens blogroll but haven't heard from Melissa yet. If any of you have any idea on how I can get it done faster, please do leave a comment here. Thanks!

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