Saturday, 29 October 2011

Where are my meds??

The last couple of days have been good since we celebrated Diwali. We had friends come over to celebrate the festivities, we decorated our house and all in all it was some wonderful time spent at home with friends. 

The doctor called back to inform me that my CD 12 lining looks good at 11.2 mm (Well that better be good!). I have also started my Duphastone (progestrone) tablets from yesterday. I suddenly realized that the total number of tablets that I take in a day now stands at 11 (3 tabs in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 6 in the evening). I really hope my liver is strong enough to put up with so much of medication! Just for the record here is my list:

  1. Metfomin 500mg
  2. Estrogen 10mg
  3. Progestrone 2mg


  1. Metfomin 500mg
  2. Estrogen 10mg


  1. Metfomin 1000mg
  2. Estrogen 10mg
  3. Progestrone 2mg
  4. Ecosprin
  5. Folic Acid
  6. Arachitol o (for vitamin d3)
The issue that I am facing these days is getting these medicines. Since my doctor is in Mumbai, she prescribes tablets that are not that easily available in my town and I need to search (thanks to google) for distributors to get the contact numbers and finally the requisite dosage of my medication. It is a pain to go from pharmacy to pharmacy looking for my prescribed drugs though with little success. I generally end up looking up for the distributor in my city and calling them up directly for the medication.  Guess we'll be making a long trip tomorrow to get my Estrogen tablets tomorrow from another part of the town.

I also need to get my sugar levels checked tomorrow. But the annoying test that I will be doing tomorrow is my Vitamin D3 test. The thing about vitamin D3 is that it takes atleast 2-3 months for the levels to improve even after we start the medication. For eg, when I checked my levels in early september, they were at 15 and in early october they were at 18 inspite of me having taken regular medication plus 3 shots (yes one shot per week!) of vitamin D3 injections. For now I am only taking a supplement and my Arachitol Tablets and have very little hope of the levels improving at least they won't reflect in the blood so soon is my guess. 

However, my doctor insists that I keep checking those levels and well keep getting disappointed with it! It sort of has a very negative impact on my overall psyche coz I feel like I am lacking somewhere but to think about it that may not be the case really! The other part about vitamin D3 tests is that they are expensive. It costs me Rs.1600 per test. I can claim medical reimbursement at work but given the amount we are spending on tests and prescribed medication this year I am going to run out of my quota of Rs.15000 per year very soon.

I sometimes wonder how do the doctors subject us to such expensive tests without being hopeful of seeing any results. For one thing, I am sure that vitamin D3 may contribute to the infertility on the whole but not sure it affects the chances of conception, not with IVF! I think the doctors here don't feel the need to discuss this with the patients, it is like once you have jumped onto the IVF wagon, you should be ready to bear any expenses that come your way and you "have to" be able to afford it, else don't get onto the wagon at all!

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